VacuMaster VHB bei der Beladung einer L?ngskreiss?ge mit Holzbrettern

Vacuum Lifting Device VacuMaster VHB

Horizontal handling of narrow workpieces such as planks, boards and beams with a minimum width of 120 mm


  • Loading rip saws

Design and Function

  • Vacuum lifting device with flat design and front-side operator handle
  • Highly reliable manual slide valve to turn on/off the vacuum
  • Electric vacuum pump with high suction capacity
  • Audible warning device and vacuum reservoir for redundant safety in loss of vacuum and power failure respectively
  • Two rectangular suction plates, can be shifted along the length of the beam
  • VacuMaster VHB 350/500 with two separate suction areas per suction plate, including a self-locking ball valve that prevent vacuum loss by closing the vacuum feed to a particular area if there are cracks or damages on the workpiece

Your Benefits

  • Secure handling of long boards and planks
  • Excellent seal on moist, unplaned and cracked wood
  • Suction plates can be quickly adapted to various workpiece lengths
  • Low-noise operation with sound level below 65 dB(A)

Product Inquiries:

We would be happy to help you design a vacuum lifting device and a compatible crane.

Product Inquiry

Suction plate with two separate suction areas and self-locking ball valves of the VacuMaster VHB 350/500

Technical Data

TypeMax. lift capacity full coverage [kg]Max. lift capacity partial coverage [kg]Workpiece format min. [mm]Workpiece format max. [mm]No. suction platesSize suction plates [mm]
VHB 250250-120 x 1.2001.000 x 6.0002550 x 100
VHB 500500-220 x 1.2001.000 x 6.0002550 x 200
VHB 350/500500350220 x 1.2001.000 x 6.0002550 x 200
TypeMain beam length L [mm]Overall height H [mm]Operator handle L1 [mm]Weight [kg]
VHB 2503.2105501.220100
VHB 5003.2105501.220145
VHB 350/5003.2105501.220145

Accessories for Vacuum Lifting Device VacuMaster VHB


Quick-connect electrical connection

The CEE plug suggests the lifting device to be easily connected to the power supply and then quickly disconnected if necessary (only for VacuMaster Basic).