Selection Aid

Which measuring range is required?Vacuum only, pressure only or both? Is overpressure resistance necessary? 
Which functions are needed?Switch with a digital switching output?
Switch with two digital outputs?
Switch with one digital and one analogue output?
With adjustable hysteresis?
Which output signals are required? 
How should the switch be set?

Adjustment with potentiometer?
Programming with keypad? 
Quick setting with teach button?

What is the supply voltage and which signal voltages are needed?Voltage range? Switching voltages for the controller? Which switching capacity is needed (switched current in mA)?
Which measuring accuracy is necessary?Hysteresis? Repeatability? Temperature stability?
Which connection facilities exist?Connection cable (pin assignments, material)? Interchangeability?
Which size and weight restrictions apply?Mounting facilities? Is on-site adjustment possible?